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The kitchen truly is the heart of every home. And our custom kitchen remodels are second to none. We take the time to listen to all of the must haves and dream to haves of yours for a spectacular kitchen. The finished project will serve you and your guests for many years.

Your luxurious, spa-like experience awaits you in our custom, catered baths. Let our design staff take you away in elegance. We‘ll design and build your bath to be as unique and stylish as you are. And we‘ll ensure that it endures the test of time.

Dining has never been as enjoyable as it is when you can experience an excellent menu served in a beautifully envisioned environment. Come, please sit and savor the flavors of your favorite dinner platter paired with your ideal libation; surrounded in luxury.

Be not only the talk of the town, but the famous welcoming host to your neighborhood, friends and family with a spectacular refinished basement. Complete the vision with a wet bar area, kitchenette, “man cave”, kids playroom, laundry room, storage cabinets, full or half-bath, and more.

Whether you have a formal entry or an unconventional entry, we have you covered with style and function. And we‘ create the perfect space for you and your guests to enter, providing all with a wonderful sense of welcome and splendor to your home or office space.

Spice up your laundry room. Turn dull into dazzling with aesthetically pleasing finishes and fixtures. Our design team will be able to easily integrate adjacent rooms, creating a seamless transition between spaces; taking into account kitchens, mud rooms, foyers and halls.

Living rooms should be just that: for living. However, our design team will have you thriving in your living space in no time. With the right amount of touches, you‘ll be relaxing in style with your favorite book, television show, or home movie.

In order to be as productive as possible, why not be as comfortable in the office as you are in your home? Make your office your own, complete with your own personality. Surround your work space with fresh textures and comfortable veneers so you can feel at home and therefore, be most productive.

These photos speak for themselves in terms of how much thought and planning goes into each of our renovations and designs. We really do work to not only meet your expectations, but to fully exceed them as well. We live and breathe design and it shows in these examples. And the best part is that you get to see and enjoy such work each day after completion.

Without great construction quality, design means little to nothing. We ensure that all of our partnering contractors are up-to-date with their licenses and that they are fully bonded and insured before we sign with their services. Also, Cupboards Chicago is very particular with who we work. We pick only the most crafted and industry recommended professional craftsman. This is how we earn your trust. Your house and business is our house and business too.