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30 under 40 movers & shakers in the Western Suburbs

#5 Stephanie Wiott of Naperville:

Talk about super mom! Business owner, mommy, and athlete are just some of the hats Stephanie Wiott of Naperville wears on any given day. “I’m blessed to own my own business and be able to do it out of a home-based office,” she says.

Stephanie owns her own interior design/remodeling/consulting business, Cupboards Chicago Design Group. She‘s an interior designer and focuses mainly on residential remodels (mostly kitchens, bathrooms, and basements), as well as commercial construction and interior design.

She‘s also a member of CrossFit gym. “I go early so I can fit it in because I know that if even one eye in my home is open and awake and I try to sneak out to go to the gym ... it‘s not going to happen!” she shares. On top of her busy schedule, this year she even completed the Spartan Super, an 8-mile run with 21 obstacles.


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